Put a Sock on the Dashboard of your Car and see What Happens!

You might have heard about it already, or you just may be the next person who is willing to put a sock on the dashboard of the car. The trick is to save time on wiping the steamy windows of your car every morning.

When the warm, damp air inside your car comes into contact with the cool and dry glass of the window of the car, the glass steams up. If you want to prevent that from happening the only thing that you need to do is to get rid of all the moisture in your car. And if you didn’t know, cat litter is specifically designed to soak up as much moisture as possible.

All that you need is an old sock and some unused cat litter. Combine it and it will absorb all the moisture in your car.

Take the sock, make sure that it is clean and that it has no holes in it. Then fill it up all the way with cat litter. Find some sticky tape and close the sock shut. This way you will prevent the smell of cat litter getting out and prevent your car smelling like one.

When you are done, just place the sock on the dashboard of your car and you are all set. Additionally, you can make one for the back of the car. Put it behind the back seat for the rear window of your car.

To make one, follow the instructions here:

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