2021 Toyota Prius review

2021 Toyota Prius Review, Prices

A revamped interior, riding on a new platform, and 55mpg should unquestionably make this iconic gas-electric 2021 Toyota Prius a go-to choice among hybrids. Some of its strengths include a high-tech option and feature list, a spacious cargo volume, huge backseat, and impressive EPA fuel economy ratings. It should be expected to arrive in dealerships in either January of February next year.

For 2021, the Toyota Prius returns fully redesigned save for the subtle carryovers from the previous model. Some pundits might argue that this upcoming fourth generation Prius might make Toyota face something of a crossroad. For loyal enthusiasts and buyers, this iconic game-changer showcases more oomph other than just smart fuel-economy ratings.

In a nutshell, the Prius is practical and efficient, and carries a cultural and social currency that traverses well beyond its practical nature. And its designers would face invite peril if it was to be reinvented. However, it will still have to tread carefully between skeptics and loyalists.

2021 Toyota Prius exterior

With months to its unmasking, it appears as though Toyota has finally gotten it right on every front: a well-trimmed interior and unique exterior cues just to name a few of the glittering specs. The tapering windows front-to-rear, and the familiar wedge are available and accounted for, but perfected with LED headlights, door panels, rear flanks, and additional character creases at the front.

To put it plain and simple, the new and redesigned Prius looks like it has borrowed much from the brand’s new Mirai fuel-cell model in order to achieve a conventional liftback sedan character.

Engine Specs – 2021 Toyota Prius

Up to date, Toyota hasn’t announced anything yet pertaining to what lies beneath the 2021 Toyota Prius hood. However, we should expect to see a combination of a more robust electric motors and a 1.8L four-cylinder carryover engine.

Speculation in automobile circles alleges that Toyota, in fresh twist, may offer the new Prius with both a costly lithium-ion pack that delivers a better range and a nickel-hydride battery pack, as in the existing model. Also, rumors allege that an electronically controlled motor might be in the offering. The system powers the RWD, therefore, giving buyers the in the rain-and snowbelt areas the assurance of an AWD Prius.

2021 Toyota Prius engine

The fuel economy ratings stand at 50mpg/combined for the existing Prius. The brand expects to continue with its 10% increment in terms of the fuel efficiency in every passing generation. Going by this trend, the new 2021 model should, therefore, achieve 55mpg/combined.

As an offshoot model like the Prius V wagon and Prius C compact, the plug-in hybrid model is also expected to carryover, although Toyota didn’t confirm or deny that possibility on latter models.

After the Prius has already debuted, word on the street has it that redesigns of those newer models should be forthcoming a year later.

Exterior Hybrid Pictures & Interior Redesign – 2021 Toyota Prius

One important feature that you can be certain won’t receive any significant changes made on it is the chassis below the sheet metal. According to Toyota, the same chassis underpins latter Corolla, Camry and RAV4 models, and offers a lower center of gravity and better handling.

2021 Toyota Prius interior

Uninspired and tepid road moves have been a constant critic of the Prius, so thankfully, the new redesign might certainly inject some freshness to the fuel-sipping Prius.

Interior wise, the cabin design and materials used seem newer and of top-quality than the existing Prius, however, the dimensions inside don’t feel any larger than in the prior models despite a growth of about 0.6” in width and 2.4” in length.

New add-ons for 2021 include an inexplicable center console with a white paint, and flat expanse of a dashboard. Other features to expect from the redesigned Prius include smartphone app integration, Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity, climate control, cruise control, LED headlights, reclining front seats, unique exterior trim colors, leatherette upholstery, and inductive charging.

2021 Toyota Prius trunk

Modern safety technologies present include automatic high-beam control, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning system, lane departure warning, and stability control.

Price & Release Date – 2021 Toyota Prius

Credible sources allege that the new Prius will arrive in U.S dealerships sometime early next year. As for pricing, the details are still missing, but the changes and tweaks should account for a slight increase in the price.

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