2021 Tesla Model S review

New 2021 Tesla Model S Release Date, Specs & Info

The Model S is an electric vehicle coming from Tesla which you would rarely regard as vehicle would get a special type of an upgrade. But the 2021 Tesla Model S is being refurbished by Mansory which is going to be a special kind of a vehicle issued this year.

Mansory is known worldwide as being able to display some provocative and exciting new styles that have been fully displayed and showcased at the latest Geneva show with the Ferrari 488 GTB car. So you may see how unbelievable it is to remodel an electric car like the S model. But in fact this is where the secret of Mansory actually lies. Actually, the Model S refresh does not get a loud kit as you would expect from other models but it is still something fairly new for this car.

The Tesla Model S is by itself a different type of a car altogether, and not just because of its electric powertrain and properties but also in the way Mansory has decided to go with this project. The direction they have taken is making the aerodynamic updates for the vehicle available and focusing on the exterior part of the car more than anything else. This is not going to be a 1.000 hp monster like so many models Mansory has rebuilt before but a whole different type of a beast.

2021 Tesla Model S exterior

What we get here is pretty simple, there is a simple carbon aero kit, a very plush and luxurious interior, a new set of wheels and it is also appreciative that the Mansory did not go overboard and turned the car into something that we would regard as a full blown road warrior and we get a nice down to earth car with a very appropriate update. So read the review and find out some more things about the car.


The exterior update that Mansory gave the 2021 Tesla Model S is surprising if we take a look and compare it to something that this refurbishing company has done with its previous models. The subtle exterior program that the vehicle has gone through is very good and is a fine fit for this car. The changes are not as pronounced as in any other models but come with very nice additions that the fans of the original model are going to like. The car has been given a new front bumper with a bigger cover and a whole new radiator grille. The car works pretty well with a new front lip and looks fantastic with the all new lime green racing strip which goes all the way through the middle of the car.

The side of the 2021 Tesla Model S has new side skirts which are positioned just below the decals which are painted with the same lime green color variant. But the greatest change is happening in the back side of the car. This is all thanks to the new spoiler that has been added and a pair of diffusers which are placed instead of the underbody. The diffusers also get the lime green accents and are the final piece of the puzzle that the car gets. So perhaps something that we would not expect from a tuner company as the car does not scream aggressiveness but instead it has a certain flair to it.

2021 Tesla Model S trunk


The interior of the 2021 Tesla Model S is also not aggressive as you would expect a tuner company to make it. The inside is actually dressed in Olivenleder, which is a type of leather that is tanned with an olive-leaf agent. The inside theme goes with the Tesla’s eco-friendly nature and actually links the interior with the green policy that the company is taking. Also this type of a surrounding makes the inside a fresh and appropriate setting which can calm a person and make him or her perform better behind the wheel.

The similar lime green accents are also found on the dashboard, the floor mats and sporty steering wheel as well. Actually this theme goes throughout the whole cabin and as the linings and stitching of the same color are seen on the seats, the headrest and the door panels as well. The styling packages is finished with the addition of some illuminated door sills and the added aluminum pedals.

2021 Tesla Model S interior


The 2021 Tesla Model S is not going to get any motor upgrades and the engine stays the same but we are going to get an updated performance as the car is now making more than it did before. This is all due to the aero kit the vehicle has been given and the lightweight upgrades that the vehicle has now which make it a much faster car and a better performer. Besides the improved numbers the car has a lesser consumption this way which is very significant for the car enthusiasts. The vehicle is thus going to be able to produce 380-horsepower, 60 kWh trim and a performance of 5.8 seconds to reach 0-60 mph which actually makes it one-tenth of a second quicker than the standard model.

2021 Tesla Model S engine


Wheelbase: 116.5 in
Length: 196 in
Width: 77.3 in
Passenger volume: 95 ft³
Cargo volume: 26 ft³
Curb weight: 4647 lbs
Top Speed: 142 mph
0-60: 5,8 sec
MPGe: 101/102 (city/highway)
Available Exterior Colors: Deep Blue Metallic, Midnight Silver Metallic, Obsidian Black Metallic, Pearl White Multi-Coat, Red Multi-Coat, Silver Metallic, Solid Black, Solid White and Titanium Metallic
Towing Capacity: NA lbs

Release date and price

This new vehicle is going to be available from next year when the release date of the 2021 Tesla Model S becomes available. The pricing is still not available but it will be offered with the release of the car but there are going to be certain issues with the added materials and equipment. The price will actually largely depend on the added materials so it is simply adding the added price on the base Tesla Model S in fact.

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