2021 Renault KWID review

New 2021 Renault KWID Release Date, Specs & Info

Renault is treating us with its newest model dubbed the 2021 Renault KWID. This is a crossover SUV vehicle which has seen the light of day at its premier in China and is going to be offered for the Asian market first. It is an exquisite car which has a lot of advantages to it, mainly having great fuel economy, but also being able to put on some extraordinary specs while at the same time starting with a very low price.

The crossover segment is in fact something new for the designers of Renault. As the market for these types of vehicle is growing exponentially, it was just a matter of time when Renault was going to be part of this picture and the KWID is their first vehicle which is going to face the market. This redesign is coming out of the production company in India and has already been showcased in China at the auto show this year as the focus of attention is currently the Asian market. We do not have any information about a potential release date for other markets and it appears that it will be firstly offered exclusively for the Asian one.

What the main characteristics of this vehicle are is its fuel economy that lowers the fuel consumption largely like no SUV out there. The starting price is very affordable as well for an SUV type of a car which is going to help the car become even more known. In fact, after the official release date when the car is available for sale we are expecting a boom in popularity for this car. You can read all about it right here in this review while we are waiting for the release date to kick off.

2021 Renault KWID exterior

Available Trims

The newest 2021 Renault KWID is going to be offered in a number of different trim levels, each one unique in its offer. The currently offered ones include the RXT, RXL and the RXE.


The exterior design of the 2021 Renault KWID is going to be quite nice looking. The exterior look may also be regarded as one of the features that could make it a selling point for the fans. In fact there are going to be immediately differences between the trim levels immediately upon looking at the cars. For instance, the RXE trim model is going to feature  silver wheels and colored bumpers which actually make a great look for the car giving it a nice and modern feel to it. The RXL also gets the new type of the bumper design with colored features and also adds a lot of exclusive parts to its exterior which makes it a very stylish looking model indeed. The RXT is different by adding fog lights to the design and it that way differs from the base version which does not have any of those features.

The overall dimensions for all trims are of course the same. The 2021 Renault KWID has the dimensions which amount to 3.68 meters for length and 1.58 m width. Judging by the size and the look of the car it actually makes it a very appropriate and desirable vehicle for city driving as it is fit to offer us the best possible urban driving conditions in a very economical way in fact.


The visual appeal of the 2021 Renault KWID is not only seen on the outside of the vehicle, it is also a standard look for the car on the inside as well. The design is very nice as it gives us a wholesome and spacey environment which is going to bring you any sort of a driving experience that you desire available to you. In fact all the instrument are smartly and logically laid out and the positions of the seats allows you to get as much as comfort as you need.

There are some features though that could only be obtained by choosing them from a different trim level as some come exclusive to separate trim levels while others are offered as optional equipment on different trim levels. But a standard offer is the digital instrument panel which uses grey upholstery that can otherwise be substituted with either colors depending on the trim level of course. The door panels and parts of the dash include silver accents while there are many technological appliances that come offered with this car. You can get an air conditioning system and a standard infotainment system which can be expanded with a media package if you wish.  This option is only available for the RXE trim level.

2021 Renault KWID interior


The 2021 Renault KWID is going to sport a 800 cc three-cylinder powertain which has also been made in the company’s Indian headquarters. The output numbers have not been officially made available on display but we have managed to asses that they amount to somewhere around  54 PS and an utmost torque of 72Nm. The model of the engine is combined with the 5-speed manual shifter which actually further saves fuel and offers us a better an more efficient driving experience. All in all, we are looking at a very lucrative offer which is going to be an excellent choice for the buyers. This type of engine is offered all across the lineup.

2021 Renault KWID engine

Price and release date

The model has not been confirmed for the US or the European market yet and its release date is scheduled by the end of the year when the 2021 Renault KWID is going to become available for the Asian market. We still do not know when but judging by its already fabulous setup, the car is going to be offered in various other markets soon. The starting price has been calculated at $ 4.870, which amounts from  2, 56. 000 INR.

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