2021 Ford Raptor review

2021 Ford Raptor – Release Date, News and Rumors

There have been some news about the forthcoming 2021 Ford Raptor release. The model is finally here and is all but confirmed that we are getting a F-150 Raptor model in stores. The model was released back in 2010 and was the winner of the Baja race. Now the newest model is getting and update and the Raptor brand is continuing with the latest features and revisions made. We have included it all in our review and will keep you informed about the latest news about the car as well as the official release date.

As we said, the 2010 was the first version of the Raptor vehicle and was fit to win the Baja Trophy and at the same time be a truck for your average person. The model made its debut using a  5.4-liter V-8 engine and later changed to a 6.2-liter V-8 one. The Raptor was always known for its heavyweight properties and performance and great muscle that the model has.

The Raptor is going to make things pretty interesting with its F-150 design. Just some of the changes that have been made include a  beefy high-strength steel frame, new interior and  aluminum bodywork and even the Ford’s EcoBoost technology. The usage of a new type of engine will also leave the truck competitive in its field as it does not lose any of the power it has had before. The model is still as strong as they come and will continue to improve upon the changes it has brought. Other inclusions see the addition of a dual exhaust system, larger FOX Racing shocks, and BFGoodrich’s newly released All-Terrain K02 tires.

2021 Ford Raptor exterior

The segment has been getting updates for the upcoming season and it is quite an appropriate time to release a new Raptor as the RAM Power Wagon and the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro models have also been updated and have reported new claims to the market.

Release date and price

The newest 2021 Ford Raptor is going to be released next year. The model is going to be showcased first at the forthcoming Detroit Auto Show this year and will be the official unveiling of the car for the public. Of course, the release date is going to be officially stated then as well but we are surely going to see it by the beginning of next season. Roughly speaking the base MSRP price could be somewhere around $51,000 for now and is not going to pass that mark.


We can say that the exterior of the 2021 Ford Raptor has been brought to a new level. It still manages to incorporate its traditional design that has already made it great but expands in many ways and the first thing that you notice is that the car is made greatly wider, by six inches in fact, and balances out the car. Both the front and rear bumper have been raised and allow better approach and departure angles. The addition of the BFGoodrich’s iconic All-Terrain TA tires dubbed the K02 is an empathic addition and as standard you get the 17-inch ones. The side running boards make a comeback and there are going to be the large fender flashes and side graphics added here as well which is going to greatly update the appearance of the car.

The rear end of the Raptor is going to take on a similar appearance as the base F-150 model, but will have significant changes that are going to make it different. The dual exhaust helps in getting a more balanced look for the car while the receiver hitch makes a return and is offered as a standard part here. Some great additional information is that the Raptor is going to be available in SuperCab and SuperCrew cab configurations, so you can chose a shorter wheelbase with more legroom if you want and also expand your inside storage room. The SuperCrew offers full-size doors and is more or less like the standard F-150 truck but does manage to offer a great optional and is also the first time the Raptor gets to use this sort of a configuration for the North American market.

2021 Ford Raptor trunk


There are some pretty good updates made on the inside of the 2021 Ford Raptor model. These include either and suede inserts made to the seats which are quite unique. There is an  upgraded overhead console which now has  six up-fitter switches and also controls the moonroof option. The steering wheel is also wrapped in a combination of leather and suede and we also get the  F1-style paddle shifters and carbon fiber accents within the key areas around the cabin.

The driver’s gauge has a standard digital display which is also what the standard F-150 uses. It is pretty useful as it offers various information on the driving of the car as well as other significant features necessary when driving. The SuperCrew acutally expands the interior spacing particularly in the back as you get a lot of legroom. The rear bench of this model folds easily and provides easy access for the passengers and allows better access to the floor board area.

2021 Ford Raptor interior


There are actually plenty of things to get excited about when it comes to the engine of the 2021 Ford Raptor. In fact the most exciting news is the updated second-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 model which is going to be utilized here. It is going to provide more power than the current second-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 6.2-liter V-8 model as it can rack up to 411 horsepower and 434 pound-feet of torque. The EcoBoost is also going to be combined with a 10-speed automatic transmission with F1-style paddle shifters. This does not only provide perfect gearing for the model but also enhances the fuel economy of the car and makes it great purchase. There are also going to be six driving modes to chose from, Normal, Street, Weather,  Mud and Sand; Rock, and Baja modes.

2021 Ford Raptor engine


The updated safety also helps the latest 2021 Ford Raptor. The model scores a five star rating when it comes to with both the driver’s-side and right-front-passenger frontal-crash performance. The front passengers have the seatbelt pretensioners and also front airbags, but the  rear-passenger curtain airbags are still not available and may be offered in the future. You get the model with some anti-lock brakes, traction control for two-wheel drives and a  stability-control system. All of this and plenty more makes the 2021 Ford Raptor one of the safest cars on the road, for sure.

Our opinion

The latest 2021 Ford Raptor and its F-150 version have truly set the standard for future off-road releases that may not be surpassed for a long time. As this model is something that an ordinary guy can easily get and actually receive a Baja-ready with twin turbo options is an astonishing idea. The new powertrain, updated suspension and tire options are something that the car will benefit from largely and will even help it at larger speeds as well. The 10-speed shifter is perhaps too much and was overdone here as we assume that we did not need it, but still we do not mind having it around. We also like the upgraded FOX suspension and the Terrain Management System that comes with six driving modes.

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