2021 Ford Fiesta review

New 2021 Ford Fiesta Release Date and Review

The 2021 Ford Fiesta vehicle is among the number of cars that are going to be released in the upcoming year. The Fiesta is one of the more popular vehicle that Ford holds under its belt and has a wide audience already which is shaping to become even larger once the new model is released. The latest rumors state that they are planning to release a high performance trim which is going to follow other high-volume cars that are being announced from Ford as well.

Among the vehicle that Ford is issuing this year that are bound to get an update is the GT supercar from Ford, the Shelby GT350R and the F-150 Raptor issued for desert driving. Among those the Ford Fiesta RS brand is also being redesigned and this is the latest news. Ford has already planed that they are going to release a total of 12 performance models that are going to be issued by the year of 2020, as this is the long-term plan Ford has been making.

This news has come directly from the management of Ford as the news of a new performance car is not fresh but we did not know which one were they planning to update. Now the news has been confirmed and the latest performance model is going to wear the Ford Fiesta RS badge. This badge was actually inventible and was certainly supposed to be included in the 12 cars that were announced, now we have a better indication about the release date which is going to come next year.

2021 Ford Fiesta side view

Here is what we were able to find out about the latest 2021 Ford Fiesta news and we have added it here specially for you in our review.


The exterior of the 2021 Ford Fiesta is going to be much wholesome. As we are almost sure that the new Fiesta is going to be a RS brand it is going to borrow some styling cues from the previous model. This is actually referred to the aerodynamics of the car as the previous model had quite a good setup when we are talking about the ability to swoop through air. We assume that they are also going to borrow something from the WRC model and include it here as well. There is going to be a large trapezoidal grille placed in the front while the sides are going to add some aprons as well which are going to come with the redesigned side air dams. Added as well is the protruding splitter which is going to be made from carbon-fiber.

The back side of the car is going to add a massive spoiler which is going to make sure that the stability of the vehicle is in check. The spoiler is going to be bigger that the one seen in the Fiesta ST but smaller than the WRC version. The bumper is going to be redesigned as well and is going to include an integrated diffuser. Instead of an already expected twin-pipe configuration we are going to get a dual exhaust layout in fact. Overall speaking, thanks to the lightweight wheels and the new side skirts that model is going to have a beefed up look indeed.

2021 Ford Fiesta exterior


The interior of the 2021 Ford Fiesta is going to be based heavily on the Focus RS version. The interior is going to be a sporty interior and is going to adopt a racer-like setting. There are going to be some sports pedals included and a revised shifter as well. There are also some talks of adding a additional instrument cluster on the very top of the center console as they will more than likely offer a the option of SYNC connectivity with an 8-inch touchscreen. Previous Ford vehicle did great in receiving this thus this model is something that is going to benefit from this as well. Finally, the car is also going to get some signature RS Recaro shell seats which are going to be wrapped in motorsport microfiberĀ  giving you a great feel at higher speeds and during longer rides.

2021 Ford Fiesta interior


All people assume that the 2021 Ford Fiesta is going to follow the previous pattern of the udpated vehicle and that they are going to downsize under the hood of the car. The example of teh latest Focus RS is that it received a less powerful engine than the ST brand, but we do not see thsi happenign here. Thus a turbocharged, 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine is going to be added as well with soem upgraded and new features to its design. The current engine is able to make 197 ponies and 202 pound-feet of torque, but they are hoping to upgrade the performance of the 2021 Ford Fiesta RS to 240 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque. We are then looking at a 6 second car which is needed to accelerate to 0-60 mph. The latest question is the addition of an AWD option which we are expecting not to happen. As the Focus RS is already offered with an all-wheel drive the addition of a new one will only cause more problems for the sales, so despite the fact it sounds good it will probably not happen.

2021 Ford Fiesta engine


Wheelbase: 98.0 in
Length: 173.5 in
Width: 67.8 in
Passenger volume: N/A
Maximum cargo capacity: 12.8 cu.ft.
Curb weight: 2627 lb
Top Speed: 120 mph
0-60: 8.7 sec
MPG: 27/36 (city/highway)
Available Exterior Colors: Kona Blue, Metallic Magnetic, Metallic Molten Orange Metallic, Tri-Coat Shadow Black…
Towing Capacity: N/A

Release date and price

The pricing for the 2021 Ford Fiesta RS has still not been made official, but as we do know that the base MSRP selling price for the Ford Fiesta ST is $20,945, we can only expect that the latest model be offered for a total of around $25,000. The release date is scheduled for next year so expect to see the car come mid-2021.

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