2016 Toyota Trucks

It is imperative to note that Toyota has been building pint-size trucks since the ‘50s. The Toyota Tacoma has in technicality been around since 1995 while the Hilux made a debut in North America in 1968. With time the trucks have achieved Camry-like interior and exterior design, a robust powerful four wheel drive system and a stout pair of engine which have brought huge sales to the Japan based manufacturer. The third generation Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Hilux will receive major 2016 upgrade. Here we have some interesting 2016 Toyota Trucks.

2016 Toyota Trucks Exterior

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma will look pretty cool with the front fascia receiving a major update and a bold grill, larger fenders as well as Cheshire Cat lower air intake also the tail gate will have a distinct sharp looking Tacoma budge embedded in it. For the Toyota Hilux it will be more certain be different in order to keep up with its arch rival Amarok. It will also have longer, taller and slightly wider approach and departure angles thanks to a new bumper redesign.

2016 Toyota Trucks rear

2016 Toyota Trucks tacoma

2016 Toyota Trucks Interior

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma will feature a handle bar design theme feature which is modern in its class while also having a driver focused deign instrument panel. Several updates have been made possible which include but not limited to Qi equipped devices, Qi wireless charging station, a power moon roof, leather trimmed seats, dual zone climate controls, blind spot monitoring, Entune touch screen, smart key activated doors and ignitions as well as Rear Cross Traffic Alert. For the 2016 Toyota Hilux there will be a handful of changes made to the exteriors. The dash board layout will remain mostly intact while the differences will be on the equipment as well as materials used. The base model will feature things like: an audio system, an automatic climate control system and a trip computer. For comparison purposes expect more features on 2016 Toyota Tacoma than on 2016 Toyota Hilux.

2016 Toyota Trucks interior

2016 Toyota Trucks

2016 Toyota Trucks Engine

The 2016 Toyota Hilux engine will be carried over from its predecessors but will also have a new diesel engine based on the newly advanced Cummins five litre V8 which will be a 2.8 L capable of producing 160 HP and approximately 300 pounds of torque. This represents more torque and less power. For the 2016 Toyota Tacoma, Toyota will be replacing the aged four litre V6 with anew advanced 3.5L V6 based on the Atkinsons combustion cycle. No information has been provided concerning the torque or the horse power but we expect a more incoming powerful engine compared to the outgoing V6 but will carry over a 2.7L 4 cylinder engine from the previous generation but thankfully they will be mated to a new 6 speed automatic transmissions.

2016 Toyota Trucks grill

2016 Toyota Trucks engine

2016 Toyota Trucks Prices and Release Date

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma will be made available in 5 trim levels and will go on sale between April to October this year (2015). The base SR, the TRD spot, range-topping limited, TRD off road and the mid-level SR5. For the price expect it to stagnate at the current 20765 dollars rate. For the Toyota Hilux the price is expected to remain the same at 20000 dollars or even less and will be released during the last quarter of this year (2015).

2016 Toyota Trucks 4runner

2015 Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail

Unveiling of the new-generation 2015 Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail will most certainly certify customer’s demands in terms of upgrades and on/off-road performance adequate enough to manoeuvre the tough trails of Moab, Utah. Like other stable mates of the Cherokee. Most of the parts come from Mopar as well as Performance Parts Catalogue which are shopping materials for regular customers. The prototype 17 inch wheels has yet made an appearance just as yet but might be moved to production soon due to the motivating feedback it has constantly been receiving. The exterior and interior have also received major boosts in terms of upgrades, keep reading below for the analysis.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail side

2015 Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail exterior

The 2015 Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail got a refreshing paint scheme which is quite conspicuous on the road. A bespoke Desert Tan is what colours the exterior and it’s accented by wheels that match the Satin Black hood. A well-known trail in the Moab Desert gives the Cherokee a topographical stylish demeanour using an outline of Hell’s Revenge. As aforementioned, the 17” wheels are just a one-off prototypes just designed to weigh in on customer feedback. The gear imitating symbol is also much visible inside the Jeep while its hind panel is well wrapped in the Jeep logo.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail rear side

2015 Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail interior

The Jeep Performance Parts logo is incorporated in the seat’s headrests stitching that makes no mistake in matching the accenting colours that dawn the cabin and most noticeably on the Katzkin Black leather seats. Additionally, the exterior colour is also used on the cabin panels especially on the HAVC vents that done the dashboard. Standard features are also incorporated like an 8.4 inch infotainment system, a central TFT display, turn dial 4WD system and dual climate control system.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail interior

2015 Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail inside


Greasy parts of the 2015 Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail have not been messed up with much. The crossover remains powered by a 2.4L TigerShark MultiAir2 4 cylinder. The engine is capable of making up to 184HP and 171lb-ft of torque. The TigerShark provides enough power to the Cherokee and doesn’t disappoint on many fronts. Incorporated to the engine is a Chrysler 9 speed automatic transmission, Selec-Terrain and Jeep’s Active Drive Lock. Featuring the low range in terms of technical speaking is the Active Drive Lock which is more of an AWD system. Power is distributed where it is needed since the system is always engaged. When it comes to varying terrains, there is the Land Rover-esque electronic system incorporated by the Selec-Terrain system. The modes include Sport, Snow, Rock, Auto, Mud and Sand. In case of rough situations, the rear differential incorporates an electronic locker.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail engine

2015 Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail wheel

2015 Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail price and Release Date

It is expected that the Jeep Cherokee will make a debut in spring this year soon after the Geneva Motor Show. The price has not been announced just as yet but it will be in the neighbourhood of $63,000 considering the added features that have been embraced by Jeep.

2015 Subaru Forester

The 2015 Subaru Forester has come of age and has completely redefined itself by winning and achieving many accolades and praise for its personality considered by many as utilitarian in this last generation. This car is outstandingly practical in performance though lacking good looks, isn’t that fast and doesn’t have a sporty appearance. Nevertheless, there are a multitude of added features for the small crossover to brag about. Added features include a backup camera, multifunctional display and much more as we will look at below.

2015 Subaru Forester side

2015 Subaru Forester exterior

Considering the exterior of the 2015 Subaru Forester, things have predominantly remained the same. The 2015 body styles have been retained with the 1st one being the more sinister and angular looking one of the 2L turbo and the more rounded aggressive front fascia of the 2.5L. The Subaru designers have obviously retained them maybe due to the fact that they know from customer reviews ‘who buys what’. Subaru customers will be spoilt for choice of the wheels which come in three options to choose from; one measures 17-inch while the other two are 18-inch dark grey wheels.

2015 Subaru Forester rear

2015 Subaru Forester interior

Much as the exterior, the internal features of the 2015 Subaru Forester remain predominantly the same. The major differences are on the centre stack and the 4.3 inch multifunctional screen which is controlled by the steering wheel mounted buttons. With white on black colour theme, the speedometer and tach are clearer to read. On the dashboard is a standard radio head depending on the trim level for your infotainment needs. A six speaker sound system comes incorporated in the voice control navigation or better yet you could have the eight speaker Harmon Kardon system as an option. In case you are short of cargo space then you could fold the 60/40 rear seats down to create an enormous 74.7 extra cubic feet of space. Depending on the trim levels, you could get cloth and leather seats.

2015 Subaru Forester interior

2015 Subaru Forester seats


When we take a closer look at the 2015 Subaru Forester engine then a lot needs to be said including two horizontally opposed four cylinders. A naturally aspirated standard flat four mill comes as a 2.5L which is capable of choking out 170 HP and 174lb-ft of torque. Transmission is in terms of two options; CVT or the much hype 6 speed manual. The fun 6-speed unfortunately is only available with 2.5i and 2.5i premium trims. For the premium option the engine is a turbocharged 2L flat four capable of making 250HP and 258lb-ft of torque.

2015 Subaru Forester engine

Fuel efficiency

The ratings of the Forester are as follows; for the 2.5L is a rating of 24 miles per gallon on the city, 27 mpg as combined and 32 miles per gallon for the highway. The other 2L turbo gets 23miles per gallon on the city, 25mpg combined and finally 28 miles per gallon on the highway.

2015 Subaru Forester grill

2015 Subaru Forester price

The pricing of the 2015 Subaru Forester starts on a modest then skyrockets to middle class category. Expect a range of $23,045-$33945 depending on the trim level. While choosing a CVT on either the 2.5i or 2.5i premium will cost up to $1000. A lot of options are available which will depend on whether you are willing to spend extra bucks.

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2016 Ford Bronco Concept Interior

This article is intended to inform you and keep you up to date with all information about the 2016 Ford Bronco vehicle. The appealing gesture and aggressive nature of the exterior design will catch the attention of naysayers of the Ford Motor Company’s 2016 Ford Bronco with the work and technology they have invested in this marvelous motor creature. This impressive SUV has become the talk of town about its features after 20 years of being kept in the dark with little or no information at all.

The 2016 Ford Bronco which is supposedly going to debut in late 2015 is expected to have some features of the outstanding F-150, it will come with a sizeable grille at its front giving it a wide posture. It will also feature a magnificent pair of headlamps at the front with advanced LED. Also the fog lights will come in handy with enhanced technology to give you better visibility in foggy conditions.

2016 Ford Bronco rear

2016 Ford Bronco specs

The full size 2016 Ford Bronco SVT diminished from the market after the 1996 model until now when it is now making a debut. The 2016 Ford Bronco isn’t just a common SUV with a 4*4 capability like the rest of the SUV’s it is a genuine off-road rig which has a daring appearance and makes no apologies at all.

The 2016 Ford SVT Bronco is a no nonsense business minded car just like its predecessors prior to its forthcoming. This car promises to showcase an allure of beauty, strength, all terrain capability and all powerful technological demeanor. The spy photos we have below will give you a glimpse of what is on offer and set you apart from other SUV’s.

2016 Ford Bronco exterior

2016 Ford Bronco interior and exterior

When it comes to the exterior the 2016 Ford Bronco will come packed with the latest technology, its dashboard will have a large touchscreen entertainment system and its seats will come embroiled in the latest quality and luxurious materials. Its cabin as with many SUV’s will be comfortable for 5 adults to seat comfortably with enough space in both on-road and off-road adventures.

The cargo space has also been expanded to accommodate more luggage and a few other equipments. Keep reading our articles in the next few months as we gather more info on the interior design. When it comes to the exterior the anticipated car will feature a 2-door design and a 4-whel drive. When we closely take a peek at our spy photos we can see that the 2016 Ford Bronco has a very impressive and modern looking design compared to other SUV’s within the same range in the market.

The most attractive common features of the Bronco is the masculine aggressive outlook it boast of, with sharp lines and dimensions. The Bronco is not only authoritative and powerful but its gigantic and most importantly comfy.

2016 Ford Bronco wheel


Here the engine for obvious reasons doesn’t disappoint but the new model engine options have not been released officially. The following is what we expect from the spy information we have been able to gather lately about the 2016 Ford Bronco Engine capabilities and unique features.

According to some rumors the Ford model will have an option of three engine choices and include the following; the 4.7L 6-cylinder-power stroke-power unit that promises to deliver up to 330HP and 645lb-feet of torque that is anticipated to deliver performance as well as be a good fuel economist.

The second option for the engine according to our mole is the 5.0L 8-cylinder coyote gasoline-engine which will be able to deliver 420HP while its torque remains a mystery and will be made available in the upcoming months. This Powertrain is expected to be the lead model for the 2016 Ford Bronco vehicle.

Lastly but not least is the 5.8L 8-cylinder-supercharged power unit that will almost fit with the likes of Shelby GT500 and is expected to deliver up to 662HP and 631lb- feet of torque. When it comes down to the transmission, these engines will be mated to either fit in between a 6R 140, 6 speed automatic transmission for the lesser engine trims or the all powerful ZT-6, 6-speed manual transmission for the more powerful engines and will evenly transfer power to all the wheels.

As for the transmission these engines will be integrated to either a GR 140, 6speed automatic transmission for the lesser engine trims or the powerful ZT-6, 6 speed manual transmission that will transfer power to the wheels more evenly. The EPA rating is not yet available from Ford but we expect it sometime in a few months so keep posted to our articles in the near future.

2016 Ford Bronco engine

2016 Ford Bronco Price and Release Date

When it comes to the pricing of this marvelous creature as well as the release date, our mole gives us a promising release date probably during next year in the summer. Its rather speculative to know the exact pricing of the model but we anticipate the price to be around $30,565. But the figures might alter slightly.

2015 Pontiac GTO

The iconic return of the 2015 Pontiac GTO is no longer a rumor nor a myth but a confirmed fact that the legend is officially back. The GTO was among the most popular American muscular car ever made and has remained the undisputed Pontiac trademark for ages. Named the ‘judge’ it has actually opened the way for many cars especially from this brand and has re-ignited the muscle car segment of the US. It is projected to hit the stands real soon which undeniably hosts some technological enhancements as well as much needed redesigns for modern looking cars. The base design has remained much the same as the 70’s model but will certainly have some add-ons for a facelift while still maintaining the traditional look and much power for power hungry fans.

2015 Pontiac GTO front side

2015 Pontiac GTO exterior design

As aforementioned, the new 2015 Pontiac GTO will be based on the 1979 model but still factoring in some major technological and modern facelifts. The overall exterior design has still been maintained to a larger extent, at the front of the car is a split grille together with the trademark badge of the Pontiac cars and the HID headlights are positioned just below the grille. Air scoops have also been added on the hood. At the back the GTO has new tailgates, a redesigned of the hind trunk and a fabulous rear wing. At the car’s rear is a twin exhaust pipe protruding. While tasked with the responsibility of keeping the car balanced are 20 inch wheels.

2015 Pontiac GTO front grill

Interior Design

The 2015 Pontiac GTO has embraced a more traditional look good enough to maintain a competitive edge. The seats have a much more redesigned stitching away from the previous design in order to fit in the modern design dispensation. The tone inside is black with a combination of orange stitching which will prove to be quite nostalgic for GTO lovers. The comfort has not been compromised which makes the driving experience a worthy endeavor. The redesigns are much conspicuous rather than the dashboard which vaguely resembles the older one. New additions include a GPS navigation unit, custom gauges, all new touch screen display and a multifunctional steering.

2015 Pontiac GTO interior

2015 Pontiac GTO interior seats


For a muscle car like the 2015 Pontiac GTO then the engine should be conspicuous enough to cause a scene whenever driven. The judge does not disappoint since there is a V8 6.2L engine which has the capability of delivering 426HP which is more than enough to get this wonderful creature started. This combined with six speed gearbox, custom hydraulic roller camshafts and long tube SLP headers makes the 2015 Pontiac GTO the most hardcore car unseen nowhere before and which will leave spectators appealed.

2015 Pontiac GTO engine

2015 Pontiac GTO engine engines

2015 Pontiac GTO price and release date

The official release date of the 2015 Pontiac GTO has not yet been made public but you should expect the muscle car to be made available during the first quarter of 2015. The price tag is pegged at around 25,000 dollars which could skyrocket to almost 60,000 dollars depending on the customer preferences of the specs.

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2016 Honda HR-V

The Japanese auto motor manufacturer has made the production of the 2016 Honda HR-V sub compact crossover release a reality. Just like the popular mini SUV it has taken the same nameplate that was produced in the early nineties. The code HR-V in actual sense means ‘high ride revolutionary vehicle’. It has ecstatic features of a typical crossover vehicle like good manoeuvrability as well as excellent fuel efficiency.

In addition it also bears some SUV’s characteristics like large cargo area and off road capability etc. the 1st generation of the model was released in 1999 and was based on the platform of super mini then came the 2nd generation which lasted from 2006 until last year in 2014. This vehicle promises to be very competitive in its crossover class coming with all the standard features like a roomier crossover crossover SUV. The exterior design is modern as well as the transmission which is CVT. The engine output is also high and can also be found in its cousin the Honda Fit.


2016 Honda HR-V side

2016 Honda HR-V interior

The 2016 Honda HR-V comes with a higher trim level and a tidier cabin. The trim levels come fitted with touch screens for the infotainment system and also for viewing safety messages. This vehicle has a lot of space with around 100 cubic feet of spacious room.

Standard features to expect include but not limited to electric windows, mirrors and locks, rear view camera for reverse monitoring, Bluetooth connectivity and audio streaming as well as steering wheels audio control. Premium features are also not left out which include also push button start, sunroof, lane view, heated front seats, leather upholstery, touch screen displays etc.


2016 Honda HR-V

2016 Honda HR-V inside

2016 Honda HR-V exterior

The 2016 Honda HR-V exterior looks more sportier with strong horizontal lines, hidden back door handles and at the front the grille is a large two tier with angular headlights and has distinguished itself from both the Fit and the CR-V since it doesn’t wear any of the subcompact angular wedginess of the hatchbacks and also none of the blocky rear end cues of the compact crossovers.


2016 Honda HR-V front side

2016 Honda HR-V cargo space



When we now take a look at the 2016 Honda HR-V engine, we are actually speaking of a 1.8L 4 cylinder engine and this in actual sense means that it is going to have a modest acceleration but still maintaining a very high fuel efficiency. It can be able to produce 138 HP as well as 127 lb-ft of torque.

Customers have a choice to make like choosing from 6 speed or CVT transmission system. The engine offered here resembles the one in Honda Fit as well as the same transmission system. Another feature that the 2016 Honda HR-V took from the mini SUV Fit is the all-wheel drive configuration which is actually optional.


2016 Honda HR-V engine

2016 Honda HR-V price and release date

No information concerning the 2016 Honda HR-V has been released as yet, that is, price and release date. But hopefully and according to very reliable sources we anticipate it to roll somewhere in the spring of 2015. This crossover SUV is expected to be popular owing to the fact that that it has had a very nice campaigning which has kept up with it.

2015 Honda Civic

The 2015 Honda Civic availability is in terms of either a sedan or a coupe, with a choice of hybrid engines, natural gas or gasoline. Numerous trim levels have been made available and the Civic is nevertheless a compact car. The car has a sizeable number of competitors to choose from which include Dodge Dart, Hyundai Elantra, Ford Focus, Subaru Impreza, Volkswagen Jetta and Toyota Corolla.


2015 Honda Civic side


2015 Honda Civic interior and exterior redesign

The 2015 Honda Civic come in a variety of trim levels like EX, LX, Si and EX-L. In particular the civic EX coupe has added back disc brakes, automatic headlights, aluminium wheels, power sunroof, automatic climate control (ACC), 7” touch screen display, an additional USB port etc. The EX-L comes with leather seats, large aluminium wheels, heated side mirrors, continuously variable transmission and a leather strapped steering wheel etc.

The civic hybrid comes equipped with a forward collision warning system, smart entry with a push button, Lane warning while the performance oriented Si comes with an extremely powerful engine, sport suspension, larger breaks with large aluminium wheels (18”) a rear spoiler and a standard chrome exhaust. Additionally it has rear gauge backlighting as well as tachometer.

2015 Honda Civic


This small car is all about elegance, substance and style and has wide range of standard exterior features. The features spring from the halogen headlights to the side mirrors with power folding capability. It is now easier to drive a civic home which specifically fits your personal needs and a sense of unique style. This car offers a sporty feel and look on the body style. Also the colours available are numerous and it is now easier than ever to find a civic that matches your needs and classy appeal.


2015 Honda Civic interior

2015 Honda Civic engine

The LX, HF, SE, EX and EX-L trim levels are equipped with a 143HP a 1.8L four cylinder engine and a five speed gearbox that is manual. The CVT is provided as an option in LX and SE but the CVT can be equipped with paddle shifters depending on the trim level. The sporty Si has a 2.4 L 4 cylinder powerful engine that is capable of generating 205HP while the only transmission available is a 6 speed gearbox which is manual.

The 2015 Honda Civic natural gas engine model has a 4 cylinder 1.8L engine capable of generating 110HP while it has been provided with a 5 speed automatic transmission. While the gasoline fired Civic Hybrid has a 1.5L 4 cylinder engine with a lithium ion battery pack and electric assist. As combined they are capable of generating 110 HP.

2015 Honda Civic engine


 Fuel Efficiency

2015 Honda Civic that come equipped with LX, SE, EX-L, and EX are anticipated to use between 28 miles per gallon in the city to 39 miles per gallon on the highways. That was the information that was given by EPA but depending on the transmission selection. Honda Hybrid is expected to make a return of 44 miles per gallon in the cities and 47 miles per gallon on the highways while Civic natural gas is anticipated to get 27 miles per gallon in the cities and 38 miles per gallon in highways.


2015 Honda Civic rear side

2015 Honda Price and Release Date

Prices are expected to remain in the region of $18000 to $24000 and the Hybrids will not be as expensive and will fit in a lower range than Honda Accord petrol models. 2015 Honda Civic has an exceptional fuel efficiency, safety, functionality and a solid interior design while on the outside it is more generic which characterises the modern Honda models.

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2016 BMW i9 Hybrid

Call it sophistication or technological advancement, but what the Bavarian motor works has produced is nothing short of that for sure. Marking a century with the 2016 BMW i9 Hybrid is quite an occasion, and yet nothing has been made public as yet but our mule can guarantee us that it is a four door car which will be built on the i8 model predecessor style chassis. There are some rumours that it may be a high performance luxury vehicle and come mid this year specifically in April then it will be on a showcase at the Beijing Auto show. At such an early date, nothing is known for sure whether it will sporty like the i8, reminiscent of the nine series GT or be a sports/sedan like the Jaguar XJ. It is still shrouded in mystery but trust our sources we will surely get to the bottom of this soon, so keep reading and looking at our spy pictures.


2016 BMW i9 Hybrid


2016 BMW i9 Hybrid Interior and Exterior Design

As previously mentioned the 2016 BMW i9 Hybrid will somehow borrow some features from the i8 but will also have its own design statement altogether. A revision of the hood scoop will imminently be changed and the wheels will be 20 inches. The front air inlets might be changed as well as the outback. A different spoiler and a newly designed tailgate finish is expected although the front end fascia as well as the opening doors will be kept the same as the i8. There will be some different features in the interior, like different colours, the touch screen floating display will surely remain. Expect modern gauges and coming from BMW, expect even more advanced materials made of the finest quality.


2016 BMW i9 Hybrid inside


2016 BMW i9 Hybrid interior

2016 BMW i9 Hybrid rear

2016 BMW i9 Hybrid open


2016 BMW i9 Hybrid Engine

When we take a deeper look at the 2016 BMW i9 Hybrid engine, then power should be the real deal here which will be substantially more than the 3-cylynder, 1.5L i8 which produces 357 HP, which means now we should expect an upgraded 150HP electric motor in synergy with a 6 cylinder 3L engine capable of producing 425HP. Imagine how they will fit on the i8 chassis, which should just be left as an imagination. Year after year, electric cars are continuously becoming sophisticated, while the i8 possesses a six kilowatt hour of lithium ion battery, the hybrid will most certainly have something even better. According to our reliable mule, we expect a sophisticated smart engine capable of converting from gasoline to electricity and vice versa at different speeds. So expect a very advanced automatic transmission system.


2016 BMW i9 Hybrid engine

BMW i9 Hybrid 0-60

With a 6 cylinder engine providing a whopping 425 HP along with an upgraded 150 HP of an electric motor, then we should expect a 0-60 in approximately 4 seconds as well as a top speed of nothing short of 155mph.



Price and Release date

This high end model will make a debut with nothing short of 135,700 dollars, it is expected that the quantity produced will be limited but then this will obviously cost you more. We are talking of 40,000 dollars in addition, so somewhere around 175,000 dollars. The 2016 BMW i9 Hybrid has sure been an expectation for motor industry and BMW fans throughout the world. The US and the rest of Europe should expect the car at the fall of summer in 2015 if it is showcased in April as planned.

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2015 Honda CR-V

The 2015 Honda CR-V will come as an update to an earlier launched predecessor back in 2012. A promise of a new engine as well as an updated interior design are going to offer it competitiveness in the market while it’s styling is going to offer it a top notch class than its competitors which will be imperative to score higher than its close competitors.


2015 Honda CR-V front side

2015 Honda CR-V Interior

An updated interior is one of the most notable changes that will be made on the 2015 Honda CR-V, it will pride in having full electrical seats at the front and an audio system is going to be the best produced by Honda manufacturers with better sound clarity and quality. Standard features include: LTE connectivity, Google maps navigation, an 8.5 inch screen display for satellite navigation and a leather upholstery that is going to feature an advanced quality absent in the previous generation models.


2015 Honda CR-V interior

2015 Honda CR-V.

2015 Honda CR-V Exterior

When we take a closer look on the exterior of the 2015 Honda CR-V, it is going to look more of an Acura than of a Honda which is actually good news since it means that the CR-V will have a better overall looking face than its competitors. New headlights combined with LED day time lights as well as a front leap that is going to be below the front bumper are also present. A more subtle stylish grille will better fit the design of the car as well as the overall design scheme giving the CR-V a more appealing aggressive look.


2015 Honda CR-V grill

Engine of 2015 Honda CR-V

When we come to the 2015 Honda CR-V Engine, nothing much is expected and will be very similar to the predecessor models but a big change will come in the form a 2.4 L aspirated four cylinder engine that also is available on the Accord. This will have the capability of churning out 185 HP and 181 lb-ft of torque. This will represent a whopping 15% in improvement over the previous CR-V generation. A more favourable CVT gear box would be made available for the base engine in comparison to the old five speed automatic transmission. Also a two litres engine will face a discontinuation in the favour of a brand new engine that has not been made public by Honda as yet.


2015 Honda CR-V engine

2015 Honda CR-V Price and Release Date

When we talk of the 2015 Honda CR-V Price is expected to represent a slight increment as compared to the predecessor. This is so because the car will actually come with more features, equipment as well as a powerful engine yet to be disclosed by Honda. The release date was early 2015 and was expected to be made available in a variety of five trim levels with the base LX starting at 24150 dollars, the EX starting at 26250 dollars, the EX-L starting at 28850 dollars while EX-L Navi starting at 32350 dollars and this prices include shipping to the US market. The CR-V was the overall 7 most popular vehicle in the US last year thanks to the fanatic following it enjoys in the United States.

2015 Honda CR-V reare

2015 BMW i8

The 2015 BMW i8 promises nothing other than performance, efficiency and power. The fuel efficiency is just among the most top rated and it is actually the first in its class to the sporty appeal of a sports car and that is speed, it has a breathtaking statistic of 2.1L for every 100km travelled which would put it as the most efficient compact currently thanks to its engine. No trademark feature has been compromised either with the car have a brake horse power of about 231 on the electric motor which is supported by a normal combustion engine just in case the charge was exhausted. In addition to those cool features, the car can also purely run on electricity alone rather than to utilise petrol while still enabling for a whopping 120 km/h. in case this speed doesn’t go well with you then the option of using the petrol engine is nonetheless not out of your reach with a superb speed of 250km/hr. which is surely going to be impressive to anyone yawning for speed.


2015 BMW i8 side

2015 BMW i8 Interior Design

When it comes to the interior of the 2015 BMW i8 the design team has adopted all the main elements of the high-tech and the original cock pit which for a volume produced car is quite unusual.

2015 BMW i8 images interior

Maintaining an extremely futuristic look and unique personality is what the cabin has been designed to do. The car has been able to look as a traditional sport car as the driver front passenger, and rear passenger sit at a low down. Underlining the character of the car is its exclusivity and the allure of its sporty style. Standard features are also on offer like navigation system professionals as well as a sports steering wheel with buttons which are multi-functional, light Carum grey leather surfaces put an emphasis on the sustainability of the lightness of the vehicle.


2011 BMW i8 Concept

Exterior design

Dynamics, efficiency and light weight design are all an expression of the surface design, lines as well as the cars proportions. A combustion engine and electric mortar are both distinguishing factor in the construction of the compact BMW i8. The cars dynamically stretched flanks are particularly low slung, the doors open upwards like winds and forwards which are an addition to the sport car design intrigue. It has a large air intakes and exudes a sporting ability in the most pure form, the grill is extremely broad and stretches towards the slim headlights. Adoption of the U shaped BMW i car’s models are the full LED lights.


2015 BMW i8 rear side


Powertrain of 2015 BMW i8

When we take a closer and deeper look at the 2015 BMW i8 engine then nothing but performance can be attributed to it. It has a 1.5L, three cylinder engine that uses petrol and is exclusive to the company alone for the class of vehicles manufactured by the company, showing again the creative superb qualities that the manufacturer has produced has enabled BMW become a world renown. Incorporating this engine with the efficiency in dynamic strategy the company has employed is sure to make it an attractive magnet for the concerned about the emissions of CO2.

2015 BMW i8 engine images

The BMW i8 strategy will be ensure that it will have the ability to use electricity as petrol. The driver with a simple push of a button can activate the system which will enable for a complete electrical fuelling to a distance of 37 km before a take of any assistance from the petrol engine to aid hit the higher velocities and longer mileage. This is surely the most strategic step that the company has made and one may wonder for how long it will be able to have a technological advancement to ensure top of the range performance from an electricity powered car.


2015 BMW i8 engine


2015 BMW i8 Price and Release Date

The 2015 BMW i8 is set for a release pretty soon at a price of about 135,700 euros, the car perfectly looks excellent for those who would appreciate an economical ride coupled with a sense of style and elegance.