2016 Ford Bronco Concept Interior

This article is intended to inform you and keep you up to date with all information about the 2016 Ford Bronco vehicle. The appealing gesture and aggressive nature of the exterior design will catch the attention of naysayers of the Ford Motor Company’s 2016 Ford Bronco with the work and technology they have invested in this marvelous motor creature. This impressive SUV has become the talk of town about its features after 20 years of being kept in the dark with little or no information at all.

The 2016 Ford Bronco which is supposedly going to debut in late 2015 is expected to have some features of the outstanding F-150, it will come with a sizeable grille at its front giving it a wide posture. It will also feature a magnificent pair of headlamps at the front with advanced LED. Also the fog lights will come in handy with enhanced technology to give you better visibility in foggy conditions.

2016 Ford Bronco rear

2016 Ford Bronco specs

The full size 2016 Ford Bronco SVT diminished from the market after the 1996 model until now when it is now making a debut. The 2016 Ford Bronco isn’t just a common SUV with a 4*4 capability like the rest of the SUV’s it is a genuine off-road rig which has a daring appearance and makes no apologies at all.

The 2016 Ford SVT Bronco is a no nonsense business minded car just like its predecessors prior to its forthcoming. This car promises to showcase an allure of beauty, strength, all terrain capability and all powerful technological demeanor. The spy photos we have below will give you a glimpse of what is on offer and set you apart from other SUV’s.

2016 Ford Bronco exterior

2016 Ford Bronco interior and exterior

When it comes to the exterior the 2016 Ford Bronco will come packed with the latest technology, its dashboard will have a large touchscreen entertainment system and its seats will come embroiled in the latest quality and luxurious materials. Its cabin as with many SUV’s will be comfortable for 5 adults to seat comfortably with enough space in both on-road and off-road adventures.

The cargo space has also been expanded to accommodate more luggage and a few other equipments. Keep reading our articles in the next few months as we gather more info on the interior design. When it comes to the exterior the anticipated car will feature a 2-door design and a 4-whel drive. When we closely take a peek at our spy photos we can see that the 2016 Ford Bronco has a very impressive and modern looking design compared to other SUV’s within the same range in the market.

The most attractive common features of the Bronco is the masculine aggressive outlook it boast of, with sharp lines and dimensions. The Bronco is not only authoritative and powerful but its gigantic and most importantly comfy.

2016 Ford Bronco wheel


Here the engine for obvious reasons doesn’t disappoint but the new model engine options have not been released officially. The following is what we expect from the spy information we have been able to gather lately about the 2016 Ford Bronco Engine capabilities and unique features.

According to some rumors the Ford model will have an option of three engine choices and include the following; the 4.7L 6-cylinder-power stroke-power unit that promises to deliver up to 330HP and 645lb-feet of torque that is anticipated to deliver performance as well as be a good fuel economist.

The second option for the engine according to our mole is the 5.0L 8-cylinder coyote gasoline-engine which will be able to deliver 420HP while its torque remains a mystery and will be made available in the upcoming months. This Powertrain is expected to be the lead model for the 2016 Ford Bronco vehicle.

Lastly but not least is the 5.8L 8-cylinder-supercharged power unit that will almost fit with the likes of Shelby GT500 and is expected to deliver up to 662HP and 631lb- feet of torque. When it comes down to the transmission, these engines will be mated to either fit in between a 6R 140, 6 speed automatic transmission for the lesser engine trims or the all powerful ZT-6, 6-speed manual transmission for the more powerful engines and will evenly transfer power to all the wheels.

As for the transmission these engines will be integrated to either a GR 140, 6speed automatic transmission for the lesser engine trims or the powerful ZT-6, 6 speed manual transmission that will transfer power to the wheels more evenly. The EPA rating is not yet available from Ford but we expect it sometime in a few months so keep posted to our articles in the near future.

2016 Ford Bronco engine

2016 Ford Bronco Price and Release Date

When it comes to the pricing of this marvelous creature as well as the release date, our mole gives us a promising release date probably during next year in the summer. Its rather speculative to know the exact pricing of the model but we anticipate the price to be around $30,565. But the figures might alter slightly.

2015 Hyundai Genesis

It seems like everything is good in South Korea, because the 2015 Hyundai Genesis slowly becomes the best choice for anyone out there who is looking for a good sedan. For the same amount of money, you can either get a basic offer from some prestige European or American manufacturer, or you can get a fully equipped 2015 Hyundai Genesis.

Hyundai started the production of the Genesis in 2009 and it has never looked so good. You can only imagine the silence in the cabin and the most beautiful handmade environment for relaxing, as you drive from job to home. Dimmed city lights reflecting from the metallic black exterior of your car as you glide through streets.

2015 Hyundai Genesis side

Those comfortable seats make you already feel like you are home. Sudden roar of the engine as you accelerate, rolling the road beneath you, and that gentle, almost unnoticeable, deceleration to full stop. You have all that, and you don’t have to own oil fields, nor companies, nor smaller countries.

In this review, we are going to get a little deeper into the overall design, engine and price.

2015 Hyundai Genesis Exterior

When you look at 2015 Hyundai Genesis exterior, believe me, you will see the shape and style of many other top class vehicles. You can see side curves from BMW series 5, the shape of VW, muscularity of Audi, elegance of Mercedes, etc… Only things worth changing are the wheels, because they seem too small for overall size of the car. At least V-6 version wheels. And the car is really big.

The another thing I would like to mention is that there are no Hyundai signs anywhere except on the rear part. Everywhere it only says “Genesis”, with its unique logo.

2015 Hyundai Genesis front side


I don’t know about you, but I like space and elegance in a car, and I cannot find anything wrong with 2015 Hyundai Genesis interior.

Starting from the back, you have very decent trunk that opens automatically if you stand behind a car with a key for a couple of seconds (which is very handy if you have something in your hands and you cannot open the trunk by yourself), heated and ventilated seats covered with fine leather, panoramic sunroof, power rear window shades, twelve different adjustments for your front seats, real wood trim for the dashboard, 9.2″ touch screen display for navigation, 17 speaker lexicon sound system and on the top of that it has been pronounced for the safest vehicle around, with nine airbags, etc… It has everything you need.

2015 Hyundai Genesis interior

Engine of 2015 Hyundai Genesis

Under the hood, for 2015 Hyundai Genesis engine you have two possibilities. First one is 3.8 liter V-6 engine with 318 HP, and the second 5.0 liter V8 engine with 420 HP.

But you will get better fuel economy with V-6 so you should probably stick with it. With the use of V-6 you get 22 mpg by using the normal 8 speed automatic transmission in combine driving, but if you have AWD (which is in offer from this year) you will get 19 mpg.

If you have V-8, you will get 18 mpg. So yeah, AWD is good for handling but bad for budget. The car behave really good on the road. It is a really well balanced car for city, highway and suburbs.

2015 Hyundai Genesis grill

That electric steering is quite good, you have an impression of total control over vehicle. The acceleration can be very smooth, but if you step on it, the car is going to literally fly like a sport sedan. But don’t think that this is a sport sedan. It is not made for that.

When you get a little bit faster into the curve, the things are going to start falling apart. Because of the comfort of the car, and the good acceleration, you should watch at the meter, because you can accelerate from 0-60 really quickly, so watch out.
It goes from 0-60 in 6.3 seconds and the top speed is 130 mph, which is really good for a luxury car.

2015 Hyundai Genesis engine

2015 Hyundai Genesis Price

There are three possibilities for a 2015 Hyundai Genesis price. A base price of 38.950 dollars, signature 42,950 dollars, tech 46,450 dollars and ultimate for 49, 950 dollars. Even the last one is cheaper than some “top class” car with everything stripped. So, this one is quite a bargain.