2015 Subaru Forester

The 2015 Subaru Forester has come of age and has completely redefined itself by winning and achieving many accolades and praise for its personality considered by many as utilitarian in this last generation. This car is outstandingly practical in performance though lacking good looks, isn’t that fast and doesn’t have a sporty appearance. Nevertheless, there are a multitude of added features for the small crossover to brag about. Added features include a backup camera, multifunctional display and much more as we will look at below.

2015 Subaru Forester side

2015 Subaru Forester exterior

Considering the exterior of the 2015 Subaru Forester, things have predominantly remained the same. The 2015 body styles have been retained with the 1st one being the more sinister and angular looking one of the 2L turbo and the more rounded aggressive front fascia of the 2.5L. The Subaru designers have obviously retained them maybe due to the fact that they know from customer reviews ‘who buys what’. Subaru customers will be spoilt for choice of the wheels which come in three options to choose from; one measures 17-inch while the other two are 18-inch dark grey wheels.

2015 Subaru Forester rear

2015 Subaru Forester interior

Much as the exterior, the internal features of the 2015 Subaru Forester remain predominantly the same. The major differences are on the centre stack and the 4.3 inch multifunctional screen which is controlled by the steering wheel mounted buttons. With white on black colour theme, the speedometer and tach are clearer to read. On the dashboard is a standard radio head depending on the trim level for your infotainment needs. A six speaker sound system comes incorporated in the voice control navigation or better yet you could have the eight speaker Harmon Kardon system as an option. In case you are short of cargo space then you could fold the 60/40 rear seats down to create an enormous 74.7 extra cubic feet of space. Depending on the trim levels, you could get cloth and leather seats.

2015 Subaru Forester interior

2015 Subaru Forester seats


When we take a closer look at the 2015 Subaru Forester engine then a lot needs to be said including two horizontally opposed four cylinders. A naturally aspirated standard flat four mill comes as a 2.5L which is capable of choking out 170 HP and 174lb-ft of torque. Transmission is in terms of two options; CVT or the much hype 6 speed manual. The fun 6-speed unfortunately is only available with 2.5i and 2.5i premium trims. For the premium option the engine is a turbocharged 2L flat four capable of making 250HP and 258lb-ft of torque.

2015 Subaru Forester engine

Fuel efficiency

The ratings of the Forester are as follows; for the 2.5L is a rating of 24 miles per gallon on the city, 27 mpg as combined and 32 miles per gallon for the highway. The other 2L turbo gets 23miles per gallon on the city, 25mpg combined and finally 28 miles per gallon on the highway.

2015 Subaru Forester grill

2015 Subaru Forester price

The pricing of the 2015 Subaru Forester starts on a modest then skyrockets to middle class category. Expect a range of $23,045-$33945 depending on the trim level. While choosing a CVT on either the 2.5i or 2.5i premium will cost up to $1000. A lot of options are available which will depend on whether you are willing to spend extra bucks.

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2015 Honda CR-V

The 2015 Honda CR-V will come as an update to an earlier launched predecessor back in 2012. A promise of a new engine as well as an updated interior design are going to offer it competitiveness in the market while it’s styling is going to offer it a top notch class than its competitors which will be imperative to score higher than its close competitors.


2015 Honda CR-V front side

2015 Honda CR-V Interior

An updated interior is one of the most notable changes that will be made on the 2015 Honda CR-V, it will pride in having full electrical seats at the front and an audio system is going to be the best produced by Honda manufacturers with better sound clarity and quality. Standard features include: LTE connectivity, Google maps navigation, an 8.5 inch screen display for satellite navigation and a leather upholstery that is going to feature an advanced quality absent in the previous generation models.


2015 Honda CR-V interior

2015 Honda CR-V.

2015 Honda CR-V Exterior

When we take a closer look on the exterior of the 2015 Honda CR-V, it is going to look more of an Acura than of a Honda which is actually good news since it means that the CR-V will have a better overall looking face than its competitors. New headlights combined with LED day time lights as well as a front leap that is going to be below the front bumper are also present. A more subtle stylish grille will better fit the design of the car as well as the overall design scheme giving the CR-V a more appealing aggressive look.


2015 Honda CR-V grill

Engine of 2015 Honda CR-V

When we come to the 2015 Honda CR-V Engine, nothing much is expected and will be very similar to the predecessor models but a big change will come in the form a 2.4 L aspirated four cylinder engine that also is available on the Accord. This will have the capability of churning out 185 HP and 181 lb-ft of torque. This will represent a whopping 15% in improvement over the previous CR-V generation. A more favourable CVT gear box would be made available for the base engine in comparison to the old five speed automatic transmission. Also a two litres engine will face a discontinuation in the favour of a brand new engine that has not been made public by Honda as yet.


2015 Honda CR-V engine

2015 Honda CR-V Price and Release Date

When we talk of the 2015 Honda CR-V Price is expected to represent a slight increment as compared to the predecessor. This is so because the car will actually come with more features, equipment as well as a powerful engine yet to be disclosed by Honda. The release date was early 2015 and was expected to be made available in a variety of five trim levels with the base LX starting at 24150 dollars, the EX starting at 26250 dollars, the EX-L starting at 28850 dollars while EX-L Navi starting at 32350 dollars and this prices include shipping to the US market. The CR-V was the overall 7 most popular vehicle in the US last year thanks to the fanatic following it enjoys in the United States.

2015 Honda CR-V reare