2017 Mazda 6 Coupe Diesel Release Date

Announced for its release in spring, the 2017 Mazda 6 model is finally going to be issued. The Interestingly enough, the model is getting an early release and will be on the market already this year. Also the model has already received high praise and there are some fans already waiting for this model to happen. The price tags have also been announced at the latest expo when more official news has been released.

The Mazda 6 actually goes back to 1987 when the 626 model was enlarged for the first time from a compact car to a midsize model. As the model that we see today, it was introduced in 2002 and it was not that gorgeous as it is now. It took only a decide for the makers of Mazda to refine their quality and to make the car look as we have it today and the game-changing model was released in 2012.

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The KODO-Soul of Motion style of design language was introduced then and is what graces all the current Mazda models. The combination of the said design language and the 2.5-liter, Skyactiv-G engine made a great offer first seen at the LA Auto Show of 2012. It still uses the same engine and it will continue with a gorgeous design language even with the 2017 model. The changes are going to give us a more refined look with updates seen on the inside and on the outside. Keep reading the review so you see what else is new for the latest Mazda 6 2017.

2017 Mazda 6 Coupe side

Available Trims

The 2017 Mazda 6 model is going to coma available in the same trims as it did the last time and will not make many changes there. These include the Sport, Touring and Grand Touring and the last one is also the one with the highest price.

2017 Mazda 6 Coupe Diesel Exterior

The exterior of the 2017 Mazda 6 is going to add a new look but will not do too much and exaggerate the refinement of the car. They actually achieve in enhancing the vehicle’s design expression and giving it a stronger look. The headlights have been changed up a little bit and feature a new LED light layout with the reshaped turn signals as well. The grille also has a new design as it sports a six horizontal slats instead of five and it achieves in giving the car a much bolder look. Other changes include the bolder apron with new fog lamps embedded in some revised casings which have a boomerang-shaped chrome trim.

2017 Mazda 6 Coupe back

The rear end of the car has not gone through so much change as the only significant thing worth mentioning are the taillight clusters. Everything else which spreads from the trunk lid to the bumper area has been left intact and has been transferred from the previous model to the new one. The profile is also pretty much the same but there is an addition of some 19-inch aluminum wheels which are finished in  darker color with metallic flakes. The 2017 model is also going to add a new shark fin antenna and there are going to be two additional new body colors added as well, namely the Sonic Silver Metallic and Titanium Flash Mica, making it nine available color choices in total.

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2017 Mazda 6 Coupe rear side

Interior Review 2017 Mazda 6 Coupe Diesel

The update of the 2017 Mazda 6 is a lot more noticeable when we look at it on the inside. The dashboard and the center console feature the most obvious changes made. The center console has been altered significantly as it adds a host of new features beside of the fact of it being largely reshaped. It comes with new graphics and dials which make a more minimalistic approach to the look of the car. Also added are the revised A/C vents, a new freestanding seven-inch display and a wider center trim.

The center console has a new modified layout but also gives way to a new gear shifter also. The gaps between interior parts are going to be smaller and the overall fit and finish of the cabin greatly enhances the quality for both the ride and the passengers inside.

The interior is going to offer the same kind of selection of black and white leather, with beige fabric inserts, there is going to be a lot of new features that might prove to be very interesting to have. Added are the  Mazda Connect with Internet connectivity, Active Driving Display and  the i-Activesense safety package.

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2017 Mazda 6 Coupe interior

Engine Specs of 2017 Mazda 6 Coupe Diesel

The 2017 Mazda 6 is not going to feature any changes made to the drivetrain. The model is going to keep its regular engine setup and will carry it over form the previous car. So the same  2.5-liter, Skyactiv-G, four-cylinder engine with an output of 184 horsepower and 185 pound-feet of torque which is directly transferred to the front wheels of the car. You can use either a  a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic and the model’s specs say 7.6 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. The EPA ratings of the manual sedan offer are 25 mpg city and 37 mpg highway and the automatic version goes to 26 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway.

2017 Mazda 6 Coupe grille

2017 Mazda 6 Coupe Diesel Release Date and Price

The release date of the 2017 Mazda 6 is scheduled for the spring of this year and we are going to get the model earlier than expected. The staring price is $21,495 for the manual and $22,995 for the automatic option, the Touring trim is priced $23,945 for the manual and $24,995 while the Grand Touring is offered at $30,195 and only has an automatic option for it.

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2017 Mazda RX-7 Concept Interior

The long expected vehicle has finally been confirmed and after all the rumors we are getting the 2017 Mazda RX-7 model. The model is going to see the successor of the popular brand continued finally as the people have been demanding to see the car once again into production. The confirmation came at the Tokyo Auto Show where the Japanese automaker showcased the RX-VISSION which is its RWD concept model which the RX-7 is going to be based on.

The KODO design language that Mazda has been using and incorporating in perhaps the best offer of vehicles to date has been put to great use here as it was expanded and built up in a more aggressive manner. And beside the design style there is also a confirmation of a new next-generation rotary engine also being offered with the newest car.

The release date actually relies heavily on when the production crew is going to make the Wankel powerplant possible. The date may be postponed and once all the kinks have been worked out with the engine we might expect to see the production model in the works. Keep reading the review in full.

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2017 Mazda RX-7 front side

2017 Mazda RX-7 Exterior Concept

The 2017 Mazda RX-7 is going to have a stellar design to it which is characterized by being extremely aggressive looking. There are going to be some features though which are going to change once the production car hits the pavement. A lot of the parts form the concept model do not seem to be possible for a full fledged production vehicle. For instance, the roofline is not going to be as low as it was and it will also allow more shoulder room by positioning it a bit higher.

There is going to be a less raked front windscreen, chrome window surrounds and visible B-pillar. Also added are some production door handles, multi-spoke wheels and a slightly larger grille on the front fender. All of this parts are still going to keep the initial features of the RX-7 as sexy as the production level showed it of being.

The front end does not only get a new grille design, it is also going to come with some production friendly headlamps which do look great and a different bumper design also. The horizontal slats seen on all current Mazda vehicles are going to be retained here and also the chrome surround as well but the grille is going to be a bit smaller in size.

The side intakes on the bumper are a bit larger but the splitter and the center section remain the same. The final part is the standard hood of all the Mazda models coming with the company’s emblem making the final product a very good one.

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2017 Mazda RX-7 front side grille

Interior 2017 Mazda RX-7 Review

The inside of the 2017 Mazda RX-7 is going to feature and clean and simple inside. The concept model that the RX-7 is being based on actually does not demand a lot of changes and reworking as it is already a near-production level design. There are only a few things that are going to be changed which include the instrument cluster,  the center console and the door panels. The center console is perhaps going to change the most but even there we do not expect to see a lot of things changed.

We do expect to see a standard center stack like in other Mazda cars with various buttons and knobs placed on it. The infotainment system is going to use a large display but we are still not sure whiten the touch screen is going to be atop of the dashboard or in it. Finally, there is going to be a multi-function steering wheel used which also has a much more comprehensive array of buttons and controls for it.

Of course, the Mazda RX-7 is going to add large amounts of leather and fine material. Expect the aluminum inserts to be added for higher trims but there is going to be a cut back on premium materials as they need to make the production version a bit affordable than it looks now. It is still going to have a two-tone combination of color elements and is being as sporty as it can be.

2017 Mazda RX-7 interior

Engine Specs of 2017 Mazda RX-7

The engine is the biggest mystery of the 2017 Mazda RX-7 for now. As we are expecting a new rotary engine which is also being advertised as the next generation model here, we do not know when it is going to be made. This is the thing which is largely postponing the release date for the car as there are not instigations when the model might be finished. What we do know is that the engine is going to be called SkyActiv-R and it is going to be a Wankel  engine with some rumors of it being turbocharged.

They aim to take out a vehicle such as the Porsche Cayman so we do expect an output of no less than 275 horsepower. Also expect the acceleration specs to go as low as 5 seconds to reach 0-60 mph and a top speed of 150 mph. Also the developing rotary engine is going to achieve better fuel economy and CO2 emission figures which are going to make the car unmatchable in the market.

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2017 Mazda RX-7 grille

2017 Mazda RX-7 Release Date and Price

The release date for the 2017 Mazda RX-7  is still a long way off. There have been some instigations that it might appear as late as 2018 even though the car is labeled as a 2017 model. But we do expect it to arrive by the end of next year as the exterior and interior of the car is production ready and already capable of being produced, the only remaining question is the engine management. Expect the price to stack up to  $35,000 for the base unit.

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2017 Mazda CX-9 Review

Although the new 2017 Mazda CX-9 is getting up a bit in years, its spacious interior accommodations is perhaps one of its strongest attributes. Other highlights include an easily accessible third-row bench, a strong V6 engine, and a responsive steering. Its release date should be expected sometime in August 2017

Mazda is known for its reputation as an automaker that infuses the soul of a sports car into every vehicle it gets its hands on, and the new CX-9 isn’t an exception. It is maneuverable and offers a fun to drive personality despite its size. But that’s not exactly the news here. Buyers looking for a seven-passenger behemoth are most probably in need of a vehicle that offers decent hauling and towing needs.

2017 Mazda CX-9 side

If it is space, the CX-9 has got you covered. It offers plenty of leg- and headroom for its occupants in the three benches it comes configured with. Further aback, the cargo space is voluptuous and promises to hold a significant amount of cargo during those occasional weekend safaris.

Nonetheless, not everything about the CX-9 is amazing. Some of the foibles include a largely underwhelming touchscreen interface, middling crash test scores, stiff ride thanks to its large footprint, and long rear doors that are an inconvenience when parking in compact spaces.

Hopefully, there are plenty of good choices in the segment to meet your demands in case the CX-9 fails to do so. These include the Chevrolet Traverse, Dodge Durango, Toyota Highlander, GMC Acadia, and the Ford Flex.

2017 Mazda CX-9 back side

Trim Options – 2017 Mazda CX-9

The seven-passenger 2017 Mazda CX-9 is offered in Sport, Touring, and Grand Touring trim levels.

Exterior Spy Shots & 2017 Mazda CX-9 Interior Review

Our photographers on a photo op were able to capture some of its exterior colors, they include Blue Reflex Mica, Meteor Gray Mica, Jet Black Mica, Liquid Silver, Titanium Flash Mica, and Crystal White Pearl Mica. Slight changes should however be expected on its release date, as Mazda is yet to announce any changes to the color palette.

Some of the standard accessories and features available on the CX-9 Sport model include automatic tri-zone climate control, a tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel, heated mirrors, full power accessories, Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity, an adjustable driver seat, HD and satellite radio, a 6” touchscreen interface, cruise control, Pandora internet radio, and driver power lumbar.

2017 Mazda CX-9 spy shots

Upgrading to the CX-9 Touring trim model gets you a front adjustable passenger seat, blind-spot monitor with rear cross traffic alerts, four-zone automatic climate control, automatic headlights, a leather upholstery, a rearview camera, rear parking sensors, and an upgraded premium sound system.

The top-of-the-trim CX-9 Grand Touring ramps up the luxury department with driver memory settings, keyless entry and ignition, foglights, 20” wheels, a rearview camera, a power liftgate, automatic wipers, and xenon headlights.

Options available for both trims include roof rails, a 10-speaker Bose audio system, a power liftgate, a stainless steel rear bumper, a 115-V household-style power outlet, a DVD player, rear-seat entertainment system, cross bars, a navigation system, a sunroof, satellite and HD radio, and a panoramic sunroof.

2017 Mazda CX-9 seats

2017 Mazda CX-9 interior

2017 Mazda CX-9 change gear

2017 Mazda CX-9 Engine Specs & Fuel Economy

Motivation under its hood is offered by a 3.7L V6 engine mated to a six-speed automated manual transmission system, and either a FWD or an all-wheel drive. The power output, according to Mazda remains unchanged at 273 hp and 270 lbs. ft. of torque.

A fully-loaded 2017 Mazda CX-9 should be able to achieve a maximum towing capacity of around 3,500 lbs.

Zipping from 0-60 mph with the front wheel drive CX-9 takes about 7.5 seconds – a quick acceleration figure considering the segment’s average is just about 8.2 seconds. The all-wheel drive model, on the other hand, takes 8.5 seconds.

When we come to the fuel economy figures, EPA says we should expect the AWD models to return 16/22/18 mpg in the city/highway/combined, and 17/24/19 mpg with the front wheel drive models.

2017 Mazda CX-9 engine

2017 Mazda CX-9 Release Date & Price

The 2017 CX-9 price should be expected to start from an MSRP starting from $29,985. Although unconfirmed as of this writing, my crystal ball tells me we should expect the CX-9 SUV sometime in mid-2017, probably in August.

2016 Mazda 6 Sports Sedan Review

The new 2016 Mazda 6 Sports Sedan comes with a blazing quickness that is provided with a 4-cylinder engine and the athleticism which provides the driver and the passenger a thrilling ride. The car has been updated to feature a more handsome shape and now has a lot of charm which was not the case and the characteristic of the Mazda 6 vehicle of before.

With the previous models of the Mazda 6 the car was perhaps overlooked as most people have chosen the Camry or the Accord vehicle. So the popularity of the Mazda 6 has started to dwindle a bit. But the comeback is more than apparent and a quick refreshes for the 2016 model year can mean wonders for the car. It will be updates in a large way and the end result can only be better selling numbers.

As you will find out from this review, the Mazda 6 has got some of the best road manners in its class. There is an acute boredom that may appear with the affordable mid-size models that can always appear but we can tell you that this is not the case with this car as it produces fun driving characteristic and an overall good look from all aspects.

2016 Mazda 6 Sports Sedan exterior

The new 2016 Mazda 6 Sports Sedan scores pretty high in the looks department. The car is perhaps the most attractive looking vehicle in the family-sedan market. This has been done with a few updates that concept the exterior design. The first thing that is worth to mention is the masculine face of the car which has been refined with some ripped front fender lines The taillights have been updated with some smooth lines and also roofline is arched. The proportions are really the best they could be and it is really hard to find a fault in the design of the Mazda 6 vehicle as it is perhaps its greatest asset for this year.

The mid-size sedan segment is a very competitive one and there are many cars which can be deemed as advantageous and finely designed. So there is an arms race going on in this segment currently which means that the designers need to do their best in order to come on top. Mazda has realized this on time and has done its best with the new Mazda design Compared with the old model the distance from the front axels and the pillars has been increased while moving the windshield pillars a bit back. Because of this, in order to enhance the visibility on the road, the side mirrors have also been moved slightly back as well.

2016 Mazda 6 Sports Sedan back


The interior of the 2016 Mazda 6 Sports Sedan has not always had a high status. But they have considered changing that premise with an update of the 2016 model year and have added and increased the inside with a lot of new additions. Thus the end result is a Mazda 6 with many amenities and comfort specs on the inside which make life much easier, on in this case the drive. The dash has been restyled and has a completely new look to it and the new materials that are used within it and trim accents make everything much better. The entire dahs and control cluster is now much better. It looks better and it feels better. Adding a much better design to the car than you have expected and with the addition of the curvy lines blending with the added gadgets to the dash.

The 7.0-inch infotainment screen is placed on the center of the dahs and accounts of much higher usefulness and enables better control of the car. Something that makes a lot more room is the change to the electric parking brake. It allows for much more room in the center console and enable the use of other elements in a much better and nicer way than before. With the addition of silver trim materials to the inside and metallic ones as well it livens the inside a bit and makes it much suitable. The features have been integrated much better and are now placed in a way that allows easier access to it without disturbing the ride.

2016 Mazda 6 Sports Sedan interior

2016 Mazda 6 Sports Sedan Engine

There are a few engine options matted inside the 2016 model of the Mazda 6 sport sedan car. It will have the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine is standard option. This is a very nice engine choice as it has some new updates to it like direct injection, variable valve control and has even compression ratio of 13:1. The specs say that it can develop 184 horsepower and 185 pound-feet of torque, and has an EPA rating of 40 mpg on the highway. All the trim levels of the car will have an all-wheel drive included and the standard gearbox is the six-speed manual, but you can also opt for the six-speed automatic which also has driver-selectable modes. This is the only engine trim that was announced officially, but there is room for some additional ones as well. There is a great possibility that some other engine trims get to be announced soon.

2016 Mazda 6 Sports Sedan back side

2016 Mazda 6 Sports Sedan Price and release date

You will be able to see the new 2016 Mazda 6 Sports Sedan vehicle next year. The release date is scheduled for some time around March. It will also be the time when all trim levels and models will be released as well. The price is set at a base MSRP level of 21,495 USD, but for the Touring models you will have to pay around 24,000 USD.

2016 Mazda 6 Sports Sedan grille


2015 Mazda CX-3

The new 2015 Mazda CX-3 has hit the blacktop and is on the path of toppling the compact crossovers like the Renault Captur, Nissan Qashqai and Honda HR-V. The CX-3 comes on board with a cheaper price entry than any of its formidable rivals aside from the Skyactiv efficiency and Kodo tech that previously made the CX-5 and Mazda2, 3,6 very popular and successful.

There are revitalising choices customers are presented with like between diesel and petrol, four wheel or two wheel drive, auto or manual as well as a choice of 4 trim levels.

2015 Mazda CX-3 side

2015 Mazda CX-3 exterior

The 2015 Mazda CX-3 makes use of the widened light hatch and stretched platform formulae similar to a majority of its rivals and in particular the Mazda2. With wider tracks and longer overhanging it resembles much of a Mazda3 in terms of the size but while compared to the CX-5 SUV it is quite smaller.

With sharpened details of the newly introduced MX-5 and with a demeanour that fits comfortably within the cute lines of the Mazda2, the CX-3 is built on Mazda’s Kodo design language.

Protected by unpainted plastic, the lower body parts and wheel arches of the 2015 Mazda CX-3 promises to be ideal for dirt road and urban road driving. The grille design is unique, pointed headlights and modern Mazda’s characteristics.

2015 Mazda CX-3 front

2015 Mazda CX-3 rear side

2015 Mazda CX-3 interior

The exterior of the 2015 Mazda CX-3 follows closely with the interior designs. There is an aesthetic appeal, practicality and a clever balance within the cabin. For larger adults, the front seats will prove they’re worthy comfort as well as having enough under thigh support.

At the back, there is enough room for two average height adults. Although the legroom feels tighter there is enough headroom as compared to the HR-V. Cargo space is average but underneath you will find a useful discrete cavity.

The CX-3 has a more trendy and stylish cabin which features a remarkable triple circular air vents, an infotainment system screen display on top of the dashboard and a minimalist centre control stack.

2015 Mazda CX-3 interior

2015 Mazda CX-3 inside


The CX-3 offers 4 trim levels which include Maxx, Neo, Akari and S Touring coupled with two engines. A 2L petrol engine and a 1.5L turbo charged diesel. The petrol engine will be capable of producing 109kW at 6000 rpm while the diesel engine will produce 77kW at 4000 rpm.

In terms of the torque, the gasoline engine will produce 192 Nm at 2800 rpm while the diesel one will produce 270 Nm at a maximum of 2500 rpm. All trim levels will have an availability of a 6 speed manual while all-wheel drive and diesel models are only available with the auto.

2015 Mazda CX-3 front grill

Price and Release Date

As aforementioned, the 2015 Mazda CX-3 will have a significant price reduction and will make a debut with a price tag of $19,990 which will automatically undercut all close rivals in its class.

The CX-3 will hit showrooms during the 2nd quarter of this year (2015). Depending on the customer’s preferences in terms of added features, expect the price to hit $21,990 which is still by far the most competitive.

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2015 Mazda CX-5

One of the best selling cars in the US are the crossovers, and amongst them, the best selling crossover is definitely Mazda CX-5. That car has everything: well developed engine, elegant design of interior and slick and strong exterior. It is a long anticipated version of an older model and unlike other companies that use one old design over and over again, Mazda redesigned their older version and created completely new look of the car for the new year. This particular model is set to be released for the end of 2015. It is one of the best, if not the very best of its class.

The company even used a new version of steel, never before used in Mazda car industries, and by that Mazda became the very first car manufacturer to self develop automotive components using 1,800 MPa ultra high tensile steel, and implement them to the construction of a car. For start, they are going to use it for rear and front bumpers.

2015 Mazda CX-5 front side

2015 Mazda CX-5 side

2015 Mazda CX-5 Interior

Inside, 2015 Mazda CX-5 looks even better than you can imagine. With standard offer, you get dual zone automatic climate control, 6.5 inch display for rear view and multimedia, and electric front seats. Additional interior options are going to be: panoramic roof, leather seats and satellite navigation. And the standard setup, of course, comes with dual front, side and full length side airbags. As for electronic control systems, there are traction control and stability control systems as well as automatic tire pressure monitoring system.

2015 Mazda CX-5 interior

2015 Mazda CX-5 Exterior

First thing that always stands out, when we look at the car, and in fact, the first thing that we notice, is the exterior. When 2015 version of CX-5 is in mention, we can all be very satisfied. First thing that catches the eye is that beautiful grill with eagle like headlights. That sharp design even overshadows the interior by its curves Mazda used for this model. In addition to the 2014 model, this one has one more pair of taillights and the new set of wheels for high end customers.

2015 Mazda CX-5 front

2015 Mazda CX-5 Engine

Unlike its predecessors CX-5 has a 2.5L four cylinder engine. This engine provides more power with small difference in fuel consumption, when compared with the 2.0 L model which used to be this cars’ only driving power.

The base for this engine is 2L aspirated inline-4 which works just fine for 15 5 HP, and 150 lb-ft of torque. There are more powerful engines in this class but for fuel consumption (27 miles per gallon) this engine has no equals in its class.

2015 Mazda CX-5 engine


This car capabilities are not bad at all. 2015 Mazda CX-5 can go from 0-60 MPH in 8.7 seconds and achieve maximum of 118 MPH. 2.5L engine is also available, with 184 HP. Actually that version is better because it provides better performance with a small difference in fuel consumption (approximately 26 MPG), depending on the type of the transmission you choose.

Standard version comes with front wheel drive and a 6 speed manual transmission, and 2.5L with either front wheel drive or all wheel drive, with 6 speed automatic transmission.

2015 Mazda CX-5 Price and Release Date

Price is the only problem here, because by its minimum it places itself to the middle class with 23,000 US dollars and goes to the maximum of 27,000 dollars. But even with about 26,000 you can already buy bigger and, in most cases, better crossovers for that money. The release has been scheduled for the middle of the year in the U.S.A and Japan, but the rest of the world has to wait even more, at least until the end of the year.

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